Friday, November 9, 2012

Hard Candy Haul

Here's yesterdays small haul from Walmart. I bought "Take it Off" makeup remover "Eye'm Tired" eye cream and "Glow all the Way" luminzer in Doll Face. I really like the makeup remover, it's not greasy and doea wonders at removing my waterproof eyeliner. The luminizer is a light shimmery Pink- it has less shimmer than Benefit's High Beam. I put this on my face then blend it really well and then apply my tinted moisturizer. As for the eye cream, the results are okay...nothing spectacular. What you do is apply directly from the tube to your eye. The tip has 3 roller balls that are intended to massage away the bags under your eye. As you roll the tip over your eye area, the cream dispenses and is a clear and kind is runny. Unfortunately I did not notice any brightening after application. I liked the makeup remover and luminizer best.
Have you tried any Hard Candy products? What are your favorites?

Color of the luminizer and the way it looks blended

Roller balls