Monday, October 15, 2012

Soho Beauty

I was so happy to have purchased these brushes at Big Lots for $ 2.50 each I remember seeing them at Walmart at around $6-7 so this was definitely a good deal :) I got the all over shadow brush and the angled blending brush. The all over shadow brush is made of pony hair, and the angled brush is made of nylon fibers. Even so, it's still just as soft as the pony haired brush-even after washing it. The handle is a little longer than MAC's and has a grooves so your fingers grip the brush with out it slipping out of your hand. Oh! And also...the brushes come with a beauty tips that are actually useful! Now that I've tried these brushes I'll be on the look out for more deal or no deal:)
What's your favorite budget friendly makeup brush brands?

Shadow brush

Angled blending brush

Makeup tips


  1. Great job on finding a good deal! I'm such a cheapo when it comes to anything make up related so I need to run to my Big Lots!

    I have been using my Bare Minerals (which came with my starter kit) for a couple of years now. I added two additions and they were just very cheap from Target.

    1. Im a big bargain has Sonia kashuk brushes that are amazing quality for the price

  2. They look really great and so reasonably priced! It's always hard to find nice makeup brushes that aren't extortionate! x

  3. WOW! You found them at Biglots? I have never really scored there, so I should stop by soon! I received my first soho brush in myglam bag and I love it so far. :)

  4. Very cute post!love this!
    that's amazing!Love your sense of style!!