Monday, September 3, 2012

Monthly Favorites-August

These are my monthly favorites, empties, and drugstore finds...

Ocean Potion sunblock in spf 70- the scent alone makes this worth buying. It doesn't smell like traditional sunscreens the smell reminds me of sorbet! :) Dries quickly, and leaves your skin feeling smooth.

NARS lipstick in Schiap-this lipstick has become my staple for the summer. The color is a sharp Pink that instantly adds light to my face.

MaryKay makeup remover- I can't get enough of this!! It removes all of my makeup without irritating my eyes or skin.

NYC Skin Perfecting Primer in Shade-lotion like texture with super fine shimmer particles that add a subtle glow, and smooth out your skin for an even complexion. It's not a miracle worker but if you're in a pinch this gets the job done.

Essence of Beauty Brush Cleaner-the smell is a bit strong but this really works to remove the stains from dark colors out of White makeup brushes.

Swatch of Nars Schiap


  1. That lip stick is very pretty on you =)

  2. that nars colour is freakin' beautiful! I always like to read about people's monthly finds :)

  3. I love it! I know, Monthly favorites are the best :D

  4. Wow!! That colour is amazing! It looks good with your skin tone too! I've been looking for a 'barbie pink' for a while and this one is amazing!!

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    Have an amazing rest of the week!