Thursday, September 27, 2012

Eyelash Haul

Lately I been really into fake eyelashes, to the point where I wear them almost daily! It can become an expensive habit esPEcially if you're buying from your local drugstore or fashion boutique. I been buying my eyelashes from eBay, from two sellers nonstopwin and missannie87425 They're reliable and both sell great quality synthetic eyelashes. I bought a 10 pair of number11 eyelashes for $1.73 and a 10 pair variety pack number a026 for $2.83 the variety pack comes with 5 styles, natural looking lashes to dramatic night time lashes all in one. If you buy fake eyelashes and don't mind synthetic try out eBay for your next purchase!

Number 11 closeup

Number a026

Variety pack


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  3. I just bought some fake eyelashes and I'm so excited to wear them!
    - Monica
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