Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shopping My Makeup Stash

Today I looked in my makeup stash for lost and forgotten products. In my search I found....
Cargo matte bronzer in medium. I liked this bronzed because you can build the intensity and it's easier to make it look "natural"
NARS cream blush in Penny Lane. This blush is a baby Pink blush that goes well with my skin tone also I like using it on my lips :)
NARS eyeshadow in Ashes to Ashes one of my favorite taupe eyeshdows. I love to put this shadow over MAC backtrack eyeliner because the color changes to a darker shade of grey
Inglot eyeshadow #33 this shadow has major color pay off! I remember I use to line my bottom lashline with this for a pop of color.
Dianne Brill lip lingerie in Satin Sash. This is the only Dianne Brill item I own and I love it! The color is a shade I think will look great on every skin tone because it's a natural color.
MAC lipstick in Fabby. I would of never discovered this if it wasn't for my husband. He bought it for me because he said he never seen a purple lipstick before... At first I was like huh?? But he's right! This lipstick is a purple/mauvy pink color with gold sheen. :) In the end it's my favorite for 2 reasons-the fact that my husband picked it out on his own and because of the color.
Have you guys been using any lost or forgotten products??

Right-MAC Fabby Left-Dianne Brill Satin Sash

Nars blush and eyeshdow.

Penny Lane blush and Ashes to Ashes with a primer. The top swatch is of Nars eyeshdow no primer.

Cargo bronzer Inglot #33. I couldn't take a good swatch of the bronzer so here's a picture of me wearing it as a blush and a close up of it in the pan.


  1. oo this makes me want to go shopping!!
    LV x

  2. I was going to stop at the MAC counter at Nordstrom soon for a new lipstick for summer...Fabby looks just perfect~

  3. Those lipsticks are lovely colours! :)

  4. Love the mac lipstick and the nars blush :)
    Looks fabulous on you!

    -Sydney xo

  5. Mac fabby and the penny lane blush are so pretty!! x


  6. Love your eye makeup! i love Nars and Mac products, such amazing variety.



  7. Thank you :) I'll check out your blog...