Saturday, May 12, 2012

Loew Cornell in my makeup kit?

Last summer I was in Michael's buying frames and I remembered Enkore from youtube, had made a video on Loew Cornell paint brushes for makeup application....anyway long story short-I bought the Maxine mop 270. :)

I'm very glad I did because I adore this brush! This brush is almost identical to MAC's 239 only the head of the brush is slightly wider and a bit longer.

I use this brush for shading, highlighting, my crease, and even for blending. This brush also packs on the color very well just like my MAC 242 only it's not so big.

Pros: soft bristles, very versatile, natural hair, easy to clean. Works well with cream products.
Cons: honestly the only con thing I can think of is that the handle might be too long for some. Other than this-this brush is fantasTic!!!

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