Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Comic Art (do not read if you are bothered by nudity)

My husband painted this today with the collaboration of his artist. This is an interpretation of Frank Cho's art. He is one of my husband's favorite artist.

Frank Cho is a comic book writer and illustrator. This painting kind of reminded me of the girls that the Balm uses on their products.

Has anyone ever tried these?


  1. Your husband is talented! Nope, haven't heard of these products~

  2. Such a beautiful painting!!

    -Sydney xo

  3. I love The Balm products! I did a review on some of their products a little while back! I found a really nice set that had three full size products a blusher, bronzer, and powder for $10 at my local Marshals! I love the painting!! The pin-up girls on the packaging are awesome.